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Welcome to BIG FUN Therapy & Recreational Services
BIG FUN is the ultimate playground for special needs individuals of all ages. We offer families throughout southern California occupational therapy services, gymnastics, and social skills classes including social skills training for autism. First-class individual sessions as well as group classes are conducted on a daily basis.

We strive to promote the integration of children and adults with disabilities into all aspects of life using recreational activities as a process to address and improve motor planning, organization of behavior, and sensory integration.

Our goal is to provide students the opportunity to break through the boundaries of presumed limits by creating a world of excitement, discovery, and self-confidence within a safe and nurturing environment. Students are carefully matched with instructors who use sensitivity and compassion to help students feel skilled, competent, and capable of mastery. 

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BIG FUN’s therapy services take traditional clinic-based occupational therapy and transform them it into a fun, dynamic, and invaluable experience for special needs children. BIG FUN's licensed pediatric occupational therapist team bring their extensive training and science-based evaluative knowledge to the gymnastics environment and endeavor to determine the causes for why the child’s body functions how it does and how to employ the BIG FUN method to address specific weaknesses. They are able to write detailed evaluations and set goals to help their children implement the range of motion, stability, and strength they acquire in the gym into their daily lives.

BIG FUN’s recreational programs are geared towards helping special needs children excel in athletic activities while introducing the social element of peer contact, both with other special needs children and with typical children in the environment. BIG FUN recreational instructors specialize in athletic performance and movement and bring a variety of athletic and creative resources to the gym or pool, which enhance their training in the BIG FUN method. Through their skill and passion, they help their students take their learning to the playground and beyond.

"Every person I have met at BIG FUN has been a dedicated, caring professional. I can recommend BIG FUN without reservations. It is the best therapy my daughter has ever received". Alene

"As a journalist I have sampled dozens of other programs and have yet to find one that matches their enthusiasm for helping special needs kids realize their maximum potential." Dan

"Our son walks with pride and does not stumble nearly as often. We have also noticed how much more engaged he is with us and the world around him after completing each session." Lisa 

Fun and Effective Activities for Autistic Children

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A training course led by founder 
Gene Hurwin MA, OTR/L for therapists, teachers, 
gym owners, and instructors working with special needs individuals.
Orange County, CA